Pre-certification testing

Ensure your software is on par with global, industry, and corporate requirements

Pre-release software audit

Choose to employ this testing strategy either at the early or final stages of your SDLC in order to:

Pass the required certifications on the first try and meet the release deadlines.

Avoid spending resources and time on last-minute adjustments or complete rework.

Verify your software is in full compliance with the established quality regulations.

Our pre-certification testing range

a1qa’s engineers assess the compliance of web, mobile, or desktop applications in line with the following quality standards:

Industry standards

Our testing specialists examine your software product within the context of your mandatory certification to detect discrepancies with the quality, performance, data privacy, and security standards.



IEC 62304

IEC 60601


ISO 26262

ISO 21434



ISO 20022




IEEE 802.11





ISO 16100

Global and regional regulations

We determine whether your end product is in line with the usability, functionality, and data privacy requirements specific to your geography of operation, and detect all the areas contradicting legislation in force as well as generally accepted conventions.

Corporate requirements

a1qa aids your team in maintaining the desired product quality by running an independent audit against your pre-established business and software requirements and specifications, tracking down inconsistencies between the intended and actual end-product capacities, and following up with recommendations for improvement.

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Discuss your pre-certification testing needs with our qualified team.

4 stages of pre-certification assessment

  1. Specifications analysis

    We start by delving in your software product specifics and mapping the certifications and standards it must conform to.

  2. Test design

    Our team proceeds by setting the objectives, defining the inspection scope, and selecting suitable test practices and tools.

  3. Software evaluation

    Next, we run multiple testing scenarios to detect critical conformance deficiencies in the software aspects.

  4. Final reporting

    In the end, we submit a detailed testing report with an outline of all non-compliant areas, ranking them according to their severity level.

We are happy to have such partner as a1qa and would like to thank a1qa for their in-depth discussion and understanding of our quality assurance needs. We wish the company success and we would definitely choose to work with them in future projects!

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a1qa at a glance

Leading methodologies

a1qa engineers align their testing work with the global guidelines for software quality assessment, such as OWASP, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 90015, and ISO/IEC 15408.

Timely feedback

We keep you updated on our testing progress via regular status reports and sync-up meetings, informing you immediately in case of critical compliance faults that require your primary attention.

Expert guidance

When finding compliance and conformity issues, a1qa specialists put forward actionable recommendations for your team to address the challenging areas in the most efficient way.

Continuous upskilling

We run our proprietary a1qa academy along with R&D labs and CoE to provide our testing engineers, consultants, analysts, and managers with the space and resources for ongoing education.

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