To continue building a company that helps clients make substantial improvements to their businesses. To continue attracting, inspiring, and retaining talented QA professionals.

At a1qa, we strive to…

Maintain the highest professional and ethical standards

  • Apply the client-first approach while staying flexible to clients’ changing priorities
  • Ensure business continuity during any global disruption
  • Remain unbiased toward QA- and project-related issues
  • Ascertain cost-effectiveness for both the company and our clients

Commit to our clients’ goals

  • Build long-lasting partnerships based on trust
  • Maintain and constantly upgrade our QA expertise and skillsets at the R&D labs and CoEs
  • Provide client support and process maturity
  • Offer services fit for purpose with true value for the money paid

Create a strong supportive environment for QA talents

  • Be non-hierarchical and inclusive
  • Sustain a caring meritocracy
  • Help employees succeed in moving to managerial and executive positions
  • Develop QA-related and managerial skills through mentoring and apprenticeship at the in-house QA Academy

We build relationships with customers, QA professionals, and communities based on our core principles

Drive value

We don’t just test what is handed to us. Instead, we level up QA processes to bring business and operational benefits to the table.

By orchestrating best practices and state-of-the-art testing techniques accumulated over almost two decades, we deliver result-oriented QA services to help our clients launch efficient software products.

Put people at the heart of the business

With proactivity and passion for contributing to the QA ecosystem, our QA Jedi form our competitive edge.

To build a strong team ethos, we create a favorable and safe environment to enhance employees’ well-being. We also provide open communication, trust, and fair treatment as well as amplify our employees’ opportunities for success through training and development to advance their careers.

Create and support professional education

We continue promoting our profession and inspire people to get a much-demanded job in the QA sphere. In addition, we offer and teach QA courses at universities, nurture our in-house QA Academy, and provide exclusive QA workshops.

Constantly innovate

We believe that innovation should be present in everything we do. It is essential for our long-term financial success and the success of our clients.

We are leaders in continuous improvement and optimization, and our culture of excellence encourages and rewards our employees’ creativity and initiative.

Corporate social responsibility

As an international QA company, we stay resilient by being responsible for building and expanding our business. For this, we rely on:
  1. People

    Creating and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative environment while keeping QA specialists highly-motivated and committed to delivering meaningful results.

  2. Clients

    Treating our clients fairly and helping them delight their end users with flawless software while keeping their data private.

  3. Ethics

    Complying with governance practices, respecting the law, and upholding rigorous professional ethics at all delivery centers and QA labs across six countries and two continents.

  4. Communities

    Engaging newcomers to the SQA field by providing the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and inspiring them to improve the QA ecosystem and their sociocultural community of like-minded people.

  5. Environment

    Holding it as our duty to respect and care about the environment by using automation and digital tools to minimize the footprint of our operations in all the cities where the company’s offices and testing labs are located.

Our principles of talent management:

Equal opportunities

  • Treating each employee and candidate fairly and respectfully
  • Reinforcing equality towards all people despite of backgrounds, cultures, affiliations, abilities, work styles, and perspectives
  • Attracting, advancing, and retaining specialists of any gender

Collaboration and communication

  • Holding meetups, workshops, and knowledge exchange sessions to improve the technological and methodological aspects of our work
  • Organizing internal communities, adopting and defining the use cases for emerging technologies
  • Ensuring open enterprise-wide communication


  • Taking care of employees’ physical health while unlocking their creativity
  • Establishing safe and healthy working conditions
  • Eliminating any signs of discrimination, if present

Environmental protection

a1qa acknowledges the dire need for environmental protection and has designed a range of programs to reduce the hazardous impact by:

  • Promoting the saving of the environment by briefing newcomers to help them pay attention to energy-saving, recycling, and air pollution reduction guidelines.
  • Following the principles of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling Program.
  • Conducting regular training for employees on how to support the company’s green initiatives in their private lives.

1. Office Management Service takes care of separating garbage collection, as well as plastic and paper recycling.
2. IT Support Service is responsible for safe usage and recycling of batteries, cartridges, and other parts and non-decomposable components.
3. QA managers instruct employees to minimize paper use at the offices, while eco printing is the default setting company-wide.

1. Employees shut down workstations overnight, or those are closed automatically unless needed at night.
2. Office Management Service ensures electricity consumption is optimized.
3. The lighting devices at the a1qa offices are equipped with energy-saving light bulbs. Hall lights switch off automatically with the help of motion detectors and during non-working hours.

1. All offices are equipped with air conditioning systems, which have in-built air cleaning filters to prevent any emission of dust or other inappropriate substances into the atmosphere.

2. a1qa’s offices are inspected regularly by local sanitary and epidemiological authorities, as well as other supervising bodies, to control airborne emissions.

3. a1qa encourages its employees to reduce their private car usage. For this purpose, there are bicycle parking spaces by each office. We also provide shower rooms to make cycling to work more convenient.

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