Desktop testing

Get unbiased QA for user buy-in and swift time-to-market
Desktop app testing is the skill we have been honing across multiple industries for 20 years.

What we solve with desktop application testing

  • Security risks

  • Faulty installation

  • OS and hardware compatibility issues

  • Redundant system and third-party background processes

  • Unauthorized user access

  • Lack of default values

  • Implicit error messages

  • Functional defects

  • Intrusive modal windows, and more

How we test desktop apps

To take the testing challenge off your shoulders, we will provide umbrella test coverage for your app.


We provide automated and manual desktop application testing to confirm that client-side and server-side components meet all the requirements.


a1qa oversees how desktop applications perform in expected and unexpected conditions by testing their stability, scalability, and speed under varying loads.


We make sure your app is friendly to your users and provides a hiccup-free experience.


We run desktop application testing on Windows, Mac, and Linux to ensure faultless performance on any intended OS.


We will run security checks of your app to spot possible vulnerabilities as well as verify the compliance with major security standards and policies, such as those issued by ISO and IEC.

Testing automation

a1qa automates desktop app testing to save time, cut down on your software delivery costs, and enhance the app’s performance with nothing overlooked.

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Let us take up your desktop software testing challenges.

We guide through desktop testing, step by step

In our projects, we employ a tried-and-tested lifecycle model that fits into both Waterfall and Agile methodologies, or their hybrid combinations.
  1. We analyze your technical specifications and requirements.

  2. We outline the roadmap in line with the methodology and available resources.

  3. We design test cases and/or automation scripts.

  4. We configure software and hardware for the test environment setup.

  5. We test according to the collected data and reiterate if necessary.

  6. We check how the testing meets the cycle completion criteria.

  7. We share quantitative and qualitative reports.

  8. We evaluate detected issues and update the roadmap for further cycles.

  9. We check for operational readiness, deploy, and validate post-deployment performance.

Our desktop test stack

What do you get with a1qa?

A pool of 1,100+ committed QA engineers

‘Mix-and-match’ of best testing methodologies

10 in-house R&Ds and Centers of Excellence

Complete transparency of all testing processes

End-to-end traceability of project KPIs

Highest levels of responsiveness and flexibility

Tried-and-true testing tools in use

11+ business domains served

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